Sushi is the most requested food for take away, since many times it does not need to be hot and the quality of the food is not affected on the way. We decided to create an easy, fast, modular and sustainable packaging system.

You only need two different sizes of boxes that are assembled just by lifting them, they are made of cardboard and are inspired by a Japanese Bento.

Creating different modulations inside a MDF wooden box that the consumer will later keep to decorate or store things. It closes in a very minimalist way creating the japanese flag and the bag are made to put more than one bento.

The idea of the boxes is to use them as plates, but if you are going to share it with friends or family you can simply put it in the middle of the table or grab what each one ordered.

Universidad ELISAVA 2020-2021


Nicole Diamant & Angie Moreno

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